The New Alimony Bill

Three years ago, Governor Rick Scott vetoed a controversial alimony reform bill at least in part because it had a retroactive provision, which likely made it unconstitutional.  Today another controversial alimony reform bill (the new alimony bill) sits on his desk awaiting either his signature or another veto.  What will he do?  No one knows for sure.  He has fourteen days to sign it or veto it.  If he does neither, it becomes law.

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What Happens When a Custodial Parent Moves?

Divorces are often long and complicated procedures, and there are several key factors to keep in mind if you intend on divorcing your spouse. The process of ending a marriage can become incredibly complicated if you have children. Despite all of the disputes that you may face—from alimony to property division and everything in between—it is always important to keep your children’s best interests in mind.

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4 Mistakes Women Make in Divorce

Thousands of people across the United States face divorce every year, and even the smoothest and most mature divorces bring with them stress and complications. While there are seldom any differences between how a man and how a woman will experience the actual proceedings, studies suggest that women are more at risk of losing their current lifestyles and standard of living following a divorce.

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