4 Mistakes Women Make in Divorce

Thousands of people across the United States face divorce every year, and even the smoothest and most mature divorces bring with them stress and complications. While there are seldom any differences between how a man and how a woman will experience the actual proceedings, studies suggest that women are more at risk of losing their current lifestyles and standard of living following a divorce.


If you are considering divorce, it is important that you understand what might happen. At the Law Office of Curtis R. Cowan, we can help you with this process. Broward County family attorney Curtis R. Cowan is a board-certified marital and family law specialist, and he has the knowledge and experience to make sure you avoid common mistakes that may jeopardize your interests.

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Here are four common mistakes that women make in a divorce:

1. Not Enough Preparation

Wife.org claims that divorce is a long and complicated process, and it is important that you are ready for the journey ahead. Rather than launch directly into the divorce, take time to prepare adequately to ensure that you do not make any mistakes that could jeopardize your financial future.

A good divorce lawyer can help with this process, and he or she will be able to identify issues like social security or potential financial benefits that may arise in the near future. Experts also suggest preparing the little details, such as vehicle maintenance, pending health matters and purchasing new clothes, before you leave your spouse.

2. Insufficient Funds

Many people underestimate the cost of divorce. You will need money to pay for legal fees, medical bills, additional living expenses and even therapists bills, and it is wise to make sure you have enough cash stockpiled to cover the costs of the process-and then some. Some individuals that may find themselves struggling will more than likely end up having to find financial aid and help with bills for various expenses.

3. Inadequate Records

Many women overlook the importance of keeping good records. Make sure you have all of your documents in place before you leap into your divorce, and try to get copies of financial records, wills, banking information, trusts, credit card statements and car registration papers. If you have a copy of your spouse’s documents, you can use them to identify hidden assets when the divorce gets to court.

4. Ignoring Assets

Many people ignore or overlook important assets. Even if the asset is not something that you want, it is important to remember that you may have a claim to it, and it may be possible to exchange it for a cash equivalent or another asset that you may want.

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