Fort Lauderdale Divorce Mediation Attorney

Couples in divorce can choose mediation as a means of settling all the critical issues involved and maintain control over the outcome. In addition to the neutral mediator, each spouse may also have their own attorney to guide them through the mediation process. As  certified mediators in Fort Lauderdale, we can serve as either a neutral mediator or as a personal advisor, but not both.

The Family Law Department of KO Lawyers represents men and women throughout Broward County, Florida. Board-Certified in mediation and marital and family law attorneys, our Fort Lauderdale law firm will advice you during the mediation process. Contact us online or call our office at (954) 525-4100 to discuss your mediation needs.

Mediation Representation Versus a Traditional Divorce

It is also important to understand the difference between my experienced representation in mediation and a traditional court-based divorce. In a trial, we would serve as an advocate fighting for your rights. Our role as your divorce mediation lawyer is in a more advisory capacity concerning the important decisions affecting your family:

  • Child custody / parenting plans
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Determining alimony
  • Relocation of a spouse/child
  • Modifying a divorce decree

In a trial the judge has the ultimate power over the outcome of your divorce; your attorney’s job is to convince them to rule in your favor. In mediation, you hold the power, not a mediator or your attorney. You must still work together with your spouse to develop a workable divorce settlement that benefits everyone moving forward.

While there is no guarantee that mediation will produce results to match your best day in court, we believe my mediation representation can help you resolve your divorce concerns with less cost, time and stress than yourworst day in court.

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Our firm offers over 29 years of experienced family law representation in Florida divorces throughout Broward County. Contact board-certified mediation attorneys Curtis R. Cowan and Michael Gilden to schedule an appointment. We provide mediation representation to men or women who seek a healthier way to resolve their family law concerns.