Paternity Issues

Establishing or Challenging Parentage of Children Born Out-of-Wedlock

Broward County Paternity and Child Support Lawyers

Our Fort Lauderdale practice represents both women and men in paternity law matters in Palm Beach and Broward counties. We can help file petitions to establish parentage or arrange DNA testing to challenge false claims of fatherhood.

Contact Curtis R. Cowan, P.A. at (954) 953-2575 for experienced and discreet representation. We have practiced in South Florida for 29 years, and are Board-Certified in marital and family law.

Paternity Claims

Fathers have no rights until established by court – Regardless of your existing relationship to you child, if you are a father of a child born out of wedlock, you have no rights to make decisions or exercise timesharing until established by a court of law. Until the court gives you such rights, the mother is the sole guardian of the child and has 100% of all timesharing rights.

We have served as attorney for both sides of the issue under Florida paternity law:

Mothers seeking to establish paternity — If the father does not dispute he is the biological parent, we petition the court to obtain financial information and determine the child support obligation. If he denies he is the father, We will file a paternity action to compel genetic testing and then financial support.

Fathers seeking a paternity test — A DNA test will prove conclusively whether you are the father. If you are not the child’s dad, then the paternity claim will be dismissed by the court, even if you had lived with the mother or supported the child at any point. If you are the dad, we will commence proceedings to establish your parental rights and obligations, including child support and timesharing (“visitation”). If the mother is suing for back child support, we can negotiate on your behalf in an effort to settle the past due amount. Getting a DNA test can be done through the courts or privately, depending on how it is decided to be completed. Wherever you live your lawyer will be able to help you with sorting that out no matter where you are based at that time period, from a paternity test utah to a paternity test California, it will be done correctly and legally.

Contact Curtis R. Cowan, P.A. at (954) 953-2575 to discuss the law and your rights. I will keep your matter strictly confidential. We offer an affordable reduced-rate consultation fee.


I am a Board Certified Marital and Family Lawyer and certified mediator with more than 30 years of experience in this field. As a solo practitioner, I am accessible to the clients I serve in and Broward County. Contact my Ft. Lauderdale office at (954) 953-2575

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