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Let my experience in Florida divorce and family law work to your advantage. As your legal counsel or as a certified mediator, I can guide you to efficient, cost-conscious out-of-court settlements in most matters. As a *board-certified attorney, I am also qualified to vigorously represent your interests if litigation cannot be avoided. Contact me to discuss your child custody, property settlement, child support, alimony, or paternity issue. I offer a reduced-rate initial consultation, and waive that fee if you decide to hire me to handle your case.

WHAT YOU GET WITH A CONSULTATION: I begin every potential matter with a very thorough consultation.  There is no time limit on the consultation.  Typically, it lasts well over an hour (sometimes more; rarely less).  In that consultation I do the following: (1) educate you about the law and process relating to your issues; (2) discuss the facts of your matter with you and apply them to the law; (3) inform you of your probable rights, duties and obligations; (4) give you my opinion as to your various courses of action (there are always several courses of action available to you); and (5) answer any additional specific questions you have.  At the conclusion of the consultation if you want to retain me, we work something out at that time.  At a minimum you will gain the full knowledge you need to go forward.  I charge a flat discounted fee of $400.00 for the consultation.  Unlike many attorneys who advertise “free consultations” just to get you in the door and spend little time with you, my consultations are designed to give you value by providing you with complete and useful information.  If you retain me afterward, the $400.00 applies toward your retainer.