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Experienced, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

As a Florida Supreme Court Certifiied Family Mediator, board-certified in Marital and Family Law and offering over 29 years of skilled divorce help, we have the background and insight required to understand such sensitive issues as child custody, child support, property division and other concerns facing spouses that choose to separate.

Our law firm offers divorcing couples the opportunity to avoid the stress, expense and the often devastating impact on their children. Divorce mediation offers parents an alternative resolution option that is less about who gets what and more about coming to a sensible agreement about what will benefit everyone in the family moving forward.

Curtis R. Cowan, P.A. represents men and women throughout Broward County. He is a Board-Certified Marital and Family Law Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator based in Fort Lauderdale. We offer services that take into account the best interest of the entire family. Call our office at (954) 953-2575 or send me an e-mail to discuss your mediation needs.

Taking Control of Your Divorce Together

Because a divorce can be such an emotionally-charged event, even when spouses are generally in agreement about matters, many husbands and wives feel as if their lives are spinning out of control. Mediation allows them to take control of the situation rather than submit to a judge who will make these crucial life decisions. For mediation to work however, both spouses must be willing to put aside their differences and work together under the guidance of a neutral mediator.

Together, and with my help as your trained and certified mediator, you and your spouse will make sound effective decisions about all of issues in a divorce, including:

  • Child Custody and Parenting Plans – legal decisions regarding the kids and a timesharing schedule that promotes healthy parent/child relationships
  • Child support – who pays and how much under the law in order to meet the current and future needs of the children
  • Alimony (spousal support) – what is fair and what the law allows, keeping in mind the unpredictability of whether it may be awarded or not
  • Marital property division – identifying, classifying, valuing and distributing marital assets in an equitable (not always equal) way.

Role as the Mediator

As a skilled mediator, we have the patience and compassion to help both parties in mediation resolve their differences and keep moving forward. However, it is important to understand that the mediator has no power to make any decisions for you. Where one spouse sees white and the other sees black, I believe both of them.

Our goal is to get you to agree to a “fiction” that you are both seeing a shade of gray. Once you get past your anger and frustration about who should get the kids, or the house, or the family business and other concerns, you will have an excellent chance of settling matters for the benefit of yourselves and your children.

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With over 29 years practicing family law, and Supreme Court certified in mediation in Florida, we have helped many divorcing couples in Broward County find less stressful and less costly ways to settle their divorce concerns outside the traditional courtroom process. Contact our Fort Lauderdale law practice to schedule an appointment regarding my divorce mediation services.


I am a Board Certified Marital and Family Lawyer and certified mediator with more than 30 years of experience in this field. As a solo practitioner, I am accessible to the clients I serve in and Broward County. Contact my Ft. Lauderdale office at (954) 953-2575

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