Ft. Lauderdale Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

We are in a new age where fathers’ rights are gaining more favor with the courts. Unfortunately, we are not in a place yet where we have erased past prejudices. More often than not, the mother still receives the greater amount of timesharing (custody) of the children and her status as the mother is often given greater weight.

An attorney can help you protect your rights as a father. As an experienced Ft. Lauderdale fathers’ rights attorney, I will work toward a parenting plan that gives you the time you need with your child. I am lawyer Curtis R. Cowan, and I have more than 20 years of experience representing clients in Broward County. Call my office at (954) 953-2575 to discuss your situation.

Getting More Time With Your Children

While courts have come a long way toward recognizing the equal importance of the mother and father, cases do not start with the presumption of equal time for each parent. However, there are steps you can take as a father to obtain a 50-50 share of time, or even the majority of timesharing with your children or at least a substantial amount of time.

To get time with your child, you need to show you are involved in your child’s life. This might include:

  • Taking your child to doctor/dentist appointments
  • Becoming active in your child’s school and getting to know his or her teachers
  • Going to parent/teacher conferences
  • Going to your child’s sporting events and other activities
  • Taking your child to birthday parties and other events on weekends

When determining custody, the court will often award custody to the parent who is most likely to encourage a close and loving relationship between kids and the other parent. By taking an active role in your child’s life and not fighting with the mother, you have a much greater chance getting significant timesharing as part of your parenting plan.

Contact an Attorney About Visitation Plans

As a father, you have rights and I can help you protect those rights. Contact the Law Office of Curtis R. Cowan, P.A., to discuss your rights and your options in child support, custody and visitation matters, known as parenting plans and time sharing in Florida. I strive to be accessible to clients to address your concerns throughout the process. Schedule your reduced-rate initial consultation by calling (954) 953-2575.